Moreh is inventing the infrastructure software for hyperscale AI

With the growing interest in LLMs and multimodal AI, many companies and people are struggling to construct and utilize large-scale AI infrastructure with thousands or more accelerators. The most difficult challenges in AI technology are now a variety of infrastructure-level problems such as parallelization, cluster scalability, performance portability, orchestration of heterogeneous accelerators, and failover. Founded in 2020, we are committed to accelerating the advancement of AI technology by solving these problems with innovative software technologies. Our mission is to develop a full AI software stack optimizing the entire life cycle of a hyperscale AI from development, training, compression, to serving. Through this, we aim to make future AI technology more accessible to a wide range of customers.


  • Gangwon Jo

    CEO, Co-Founder

    Gangwon is the creator of MoAI Platform and leads the company. He has been studying high performance computing, particularly focusing on compilers and runtime systems for AI accelerators. He received a PhD in EECS and a BS (summa cum laude) in CSE from Seoul National University.

  • Wookeun Jung

    Chief Architect

    Wookeun leads developing an efficient software stack for versatile AI models and infrastructures. Prior to Moreh, he received a PhD in EECS from Seoul National University for research on highly optimized and scalable deep learning frameworks. He received a BS in CSE also from Seoul National University.

  • Jungho Park

    Head of Research, Co-Founder

    Jungho has intensive R&D experiences in GPU-accelerated computing more than 10 years. At Moreh, he focuses on designing and implementing hyperscale AI models and infrastructures. He is also a CEO and co-founder of ManyCoreSoft, a startup providing comprehensive high-performance computing solutions. He received his PhD in EECS and a BS in CSE from Seoul National University.

  • Jaejin Lee

    Advisor, Co-Founder

    Jaejin is an advisor of Moreh. He is a professor in Dept. of CSE and the dean of Graduate School of Data Science at Seoul National University. He leads the Thunder Research Group at SNU, the birthplace of remarkable heterogeneous supercomputers and their software. He received his PhD in CS from UIUC, an MS in CS from Stanford University, and a BS in Physics from Seoul National University. He is an IEEE fellow.